Weeks after permitting


You have the perfect piece of land. Blu builds premium, healthy, green beautifully-designed homes. To blend the two into a successful project takes a comprehensive site design & development process.



4+ weeks

Build on your land
We kick off with a site visit that informs our team as they work with you to conceptualize the best home for your land.
The concept phase includes:
Preliminary Delivery
Whether you own land or are still looking, we'll send out our team to advise you on the benefits and challenges of each site and how best to deliver your home based on an in-depth site review.
Your Blu team will work with you to review your budget and finalize your layout to create conceptual plans. Based on these plans, we can provide a pre-permit project timeline.
Code and Zoning
Every local administration can be different when it comes to regulations. Your Blu team will verify the feasibility of your project so it's designed and built to meet local requirements.
01Conceptual Design Complete


project specific

Custom Breezehouse Let the fun begin by selecting from hundreds of design options to personalize your home.






Possible Combinations

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Design phase includes:
Specs & PlansYour Blu team will work on design redlines, helping you with picking finishes, customizations and options selection, definining site mechanical and structural engineering, local planning approval and any thirdparty consultants needed for the job.
SchedulingWe will present to you a detailed schedule of exactly how your project with run.
Cost EstimateAt the end of this phase, you will be provided a Site Design Proposal that will include the final set of plans and specs, detailed project schedule, and a comprehensive estimate of additional site development costs (beyond the included standard costs).
02Site Design Proposal Approval


project specific

California map with Blu Homes factory All our homes are pre-approved before they leave the factory.

Since all Blu homes are inspected in our factory your home will have already passed inspection prior to arrival.

Next, plans will be submitted for local approval.State permit office

We have a team of project managers who have successfully handled local jurisdictions and additional requirements.

03Authorization to Build Payment Complete


8-10 weeks

Your home is built by our expert craftspeople in much less time than traditional construction.
Factory Built
Our factory is unique for its quality controlled environment that allows for precision crafted manufacturing. Because the process is not held up by the elements, your home is built in less time, with less waste, than traditional site-built homes.
Happening in Tandem
Building foundation and sitework
Site Prep
While your home is being built in the factory, our team works with your local contractors to ready the homesite. From excavation and grading to foundation work and septic, our land prep process can be twice as fast as a conventional build.
04Delivery Payment Complete


8-14+ weeks

Builder finishing home on site
Your Blu home is now ready to make its journey from the factory to its final stop where your team will install it to perfection within a few short weeks.
PACK & SHIPOur unique process enables us to securely fit Blu modules onto trucks for shipping to your Bay Area site.
Blu home being transported on a truck
SET & FINISHYour home is nearly complete when it arrives. Our unique process secures the home to the foundation so our site team can quickly finish all final details. Upon finish, you'll take a thorough walk through with your project manager who remains available to answer any questions as you settle into your new Blu home.
Builder finish painting on site
Builder finishing electrical work on site
05Final Payment Complete
We build homes up to 3 times faster than traditional custom builders
welcomeHOMEOnly Blu homes come with an extensive warranty package and dedicated customer service team that's here to help homeowners care for their investment.
project warranty
blu care
structural warranty
Additional Services
Rolling hills landscape
Land Search
Finding the perfect homesite is a crucial first step. Our team can help you find the right site for the Blu home you'd like to build, your local area and your budget.
Finance representative helping clients
Finance Partners
Obtaining your Construction Loan differs from a traditional mortgage. We're happy to put you in touch with any lender on our list and provide initial estimates based on our costs.

What's Next

Start Conceptual Study

Your Blu Team will start with a site visit and Conceptual Study.

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