Blu’s luxury prefab homes are faster, greener, and higher quality than comparably-priced custom homes. Here’s why.

Simple 4 Step Process

  • Find Land

    Finding land or teardown property is the first step in building your Blu home. Contact us to help you get started.

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  • Design

    Once you have land, your next step is getting a Conceptual Study. This helps determine project scope and price.

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  • Permitting

    We walk you through the permitting process, helping naviagate all state and local construction requirements.

  • Build

    We build your dream home in our state-of-the-art factory in about 24 weeks.

Smart. Green.

  • Healthier

    Natural light & clean air flow

  • Less Waste

    Up to 30% less material waste

  • Less Water

    50% less water usage

  • Energy Savings

    50% less electricity usage

How Blu Compares to Custom Built & Existing Homes

Better Appreciation

Better Appreciation

There is typically a 15-20% premium for new homes vs. existing homes, according to Trulia; furthermore, green homes have a 9% premium vs. typical homes, according to a study by UC Berkeley. While there have been limited sales of Blu homes, our resale data show that Blu homes appreciate even more, with resale or market value upon completion, often at 25%+ above the cost to build.

More Accurate Estimates

More Accurate Estimates

Our third-generation Blu home products are now 80%+ complete in the factory. Depending on your site complexity and design choices, the scope of site work (foundation, excavation, etc.) can also be minimized. Under these conditions, with Blu’s fixed factory prices, we can provide estimates that are more accurate, at a much earlier point in the process, than comparable custom home builders. We believe this is a major benefit, especially in inflationary conditions like California’s building market over the last decades, where custom builders with largely changing labor & materials costs.

Less Time

Less Time

Blu's luxury prefab homes typically take half the time of custom homes. For teardowns, we are even more advantaged vs. custom building, as the existing home can be comfortably inhabited up until permits are attained and your Blu home is already complete in the factory; at that point, the Blu home can be placed and completed on a new foundation, within weeks. This compares to a 2+ year process for teardown and stick rebuilds, typical in California, after permits are attained.

Precision Quality

Precision Quality

Blu builds in a climate controlled, well-equipped, 365-day a year staffed factory where we recycle all waste and build with deeply experienced craftsmen and women. We use state-of-the-art equipment to cut our components and materials that have been vetted by our leading architects, customers, and factory building team over three generations of world-class, award-winning products. Our products are simply better quality. They feel heavy, comfortable, and healthy because of how they’re built - which is impossible to replicate on a site, in the rain, snow, and weather conditions that makes typical custom home building subject to mold, toxins, misalignment, and other challenges.

Let the fun begin by selecting from hundreds of design options to personalize your home.

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  • 20,000+ Possible Combinations