Peace of Mind: Fires, Earthquakes, Wind, & Rain

Blu Homes Team
February 6, 2020

If you are building a new home in California, the forces of nature are necessary to consider.  We have had our fair share of earthquakes and fires and we know that these realities are a threat to everyone and every home that dwells here.  As more advanced technologies emerge for creating safer ho

Let the sun shine... and for a short time, it’s truly free!

Blu Homes Team
February 1, 2020

Starting January 1st 2020, in accordance with California’s “Net Zero Energy” mandate, all new home builds are required to have a solar panel system on the home. For the last ten years, Blu Homes has been a leader in energy-efficient premium prefab homes.

Building your Blu Home in 2020

Blu Homes Team
January 9, 2020

We wanted to thank all of you for your continued interest in Blu Homes, and if you have been waiting for the right time, we would love to set up a time to chat about your land and the possibilities of building with us this year in the fresh new decade that has begun!

The Blu Homes' Breezehouse

Blu Homes Team
December 11, 2019

Originally designed by Michelle Kaufman in 2005, Blu Homes’ iconic Breezehouse is a single- level, green modern, prefab home designed around a central Breezespace.

What is a Site Analysis?

Blu Homes Team
October 30, 2019

If you are a landowner in California and are curious about what it will take to build on your land, you are in luck! We have resources to help you get answers, and the first step is a couple of clicks away.

The true cost of building your Blu Home

Blu Homes Team
October 23, 2019

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is "What is the cost breakdown of building a Blu Home start to finish?"  The answer to this isn't always simple, as factors in building can vary so dramatically parcel to parcel.

Looking for Land?

Blu Homes Team
October 8, 2019

When looking to build a Blu Home, many people think they need to find a piece of raw land to develop on to save on costs and stay in budget, but here are some reasons why a teardown property is a great option as well!  In this short article, we breakdown the basics of the benefits of both buying


Moving at the speed of modular

Blu Homes Team
September 11, 2019

It’s been said that when it comes to building, you need to choose between speed and quality. Well, what if you could have both? Who doesn’t like win-win situations? With Blu Homes we have designed our products and process to achieve just that... win-win baby!

All new. All awesome. Introducing the Origin 1900

Blu Homes Team
August 20, 2019

As one of the most innovative prefab home designers over the past decade, the Blu Homes’ Buzz continues as we launch our most affordable product yet!  The Mid-Century Modern design of the Origin1900 combines beauty and function with and open floorplan and premium design elements.

Sonoma strong. Life rising from the ashes

Blu Homes Team
August 12, 2019

As I drive through the backroads of Glen Ellen, California, the signs of rebirth, rebuilding and reawakening are everywhere. From the buzz of saws to the roar of tractors, the scene is both chaotic and cathartic.