Finding Land

Finding land or a suitable teardown property is the first step in building your Blu home. Our knowledgeable Sales staff can help you start this process, including introductions to local realtors. Once your land or teardown is identified, our site analysis will evaluate and plan everything you’ll need for delivery and beautiful site orientation.

What to look for

Blu homes generally perform better in a variety of site conditions. Before purchasing a lot, or if you are narrowing down 2-3 potential land options, we recommend a Blu site analysis to ensure successful home delivery. During your search, consider the variables below that affect site costs.


Blu homes fit on almost any lot, and are also great for teardowns. Typically, we recommend lots of 5,000+ sqft. and 40’+ wide. Blu frequently does teardown projects in infill areas, and verifies our delivery and site plan within a delivery assessment. Larger lots can be fantastic, but often require longer utility runs.

Breezehouse 2100

58’ 11” x 60’ 1’

Origin 1900

40' 5" x 48' 10"


45’-8” x 29’-2’


42’ x 14’-5”

  • Proximity and cost of utilities such as electricity, gas, septic/sewer and water/well, all of which require permitting and construction.
  • The cost and extent of site development; for example, steeply sloped lots increase excavation, grading, and foundation costs significantly but can include the extra square footage of a “walk out” or fully finished basement.
  • Additional design features, such as decking, trellises, finished lower levels and site-built connectors.
  • Environmental restrictions such as wetlands, conservation, or coastal areas.
  • Access to the site for delivery and installation.


We recommend that you request the following resources from the seller before you put an offer on the land:

  • Boundary survey that contains property lines, setbacks, contours (topo map), location of utilities (water, sewer, electrical, septic restrictions) and environmental restrictions (wetlands, conservation land, etc.)
  • Soils Report (if applicable) will detail geology and seismic data so a structural engineer can determine necessary foundation requirements.
  • Planning Dept. Regulations (using your site’s Assessor Parcel Number or ‘APN#’).
  • Find out if your local jurisdiction requires any special planning reviews such as Design Review, Historical Review, etc., from the local building department.
  • Photographs of your site in .jpg format.

There are no stupid questions

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