Blu Homes is the leading provider of premium prefab homes in California. Built in half the time of conventional custom homes, Blu homes feature soaring ceilings, walls of glass ‘letting the outdoors in’, luxury quality finishes, and integrated high performance technologies for convenient and comfortable living. Blu’s proprietary information technology enables customers to create their unique home design online in 3-D, and receive a clear, full project price. Skilled craftsmanship and unique steel-reinforced building technology allow Blu to build beautiful, open-plan designs, ship them efficiently and complete them quickly for a simple one-stop process for its customers. Built in its 250,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Northern California, Blu’s inspired and nationally recognized products can be found from New York to the Colorado Mountains and the Pacific Coast.


Blu was launched in 2008 by Bill Haney, an experienced environmental and technology entrepreneur, and Maura McCarthy, an analyst and investor in consumer goods and tech companies. Blu Homes, Inc. is privately owned and operated from its factory and corporate headquarters on Mare Island in Vallejo, CA.


  • Online tools and 3D technology make it easier and more fun to design and build your Blu home
  • Full project price
  • Architect-designed
  • Shortened building timeframe, with greatly streamlined on-site construction time
  • Simpler process—clients work with dedicated Blu representatives who manage all aspects of design, engineering, factory-construction, project management, shipping, setting and finishing
  • Steel reinforced—enduring strength and quality
  • Energy efficient and environmentally responsible building materials

Home Models

  • Sixteen architect-designed home models from the compact and versatile Origin to the luxurious and spacious Sidebreeze Max
  • A line of Blu Garages, specifically designed to work with each home
  • Sizes range from approximately 438 (Cabana Mini) to 6,100 (Sidebreeze Max) square feet.


  • Blu builds across Northern California
  • Blu Homes’ proprietary building technology allow our homes to withstand extreme seismic and wind conditions
  • Blu has designed and built more than 200 home products for 125 client projects


  • Blu Homes offers designs at a variety of price points to suit a range of customers, starting from $235,00o to $1,855,000 with a broad set of options and upgrades


  • Blu’s advanced building envelope, sturdy steel frame design and efficient folding technology mean that our homes fit onto standard trucks for shipping across Northern California, after being fully built in our climate-controlled factory. Once a home arrives at its destination, it is set and finished by Blu’s specialized site team
  • Proprietary building science and information technology lets Blu build its durable, reinforced steel frame homes directly from client specifications
  • Homes can unfold to reveal living spaces up to 41-foot-wide and 16-foot-high ceilings with beautiful glass windows that bring natural daylight inside


  • Single-family homes, vacation homes or cottages
  • Additions—master bedroom (en suite), home office, media room, art studio, in-law apartment, game room, exercise studio, or virtually anything you can imagine.
  • Retirement homes—independent single-level living for seniors and empty nesters
  • Faculty housing and other buildings for educational institutions
  • Resort and eco-oriented housing developments


  • Standard features include super efficient building envelope design, recycled steel reinforced framing, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, water efficient fixtures, low VOC materials, and cradle-to-cradle flooring
  • Blu homes have been installed with solar panels to achieve Net Zero energy status
  • Blu homes use 50%+ less energy than existing homes
  • Modular technology allows for more efficient building and shipping, preserving resources
  • Factory construction has dramatically lower impact on the natural environment than the construction of typical stick-built homes


Build your Blu home in half the time of a conventional custom-built home

  • Step 1. Identify budget, purchase land and secure financing
  • Step 2. Finalize design, working with Blu’s team of designers and 3-D Configurator
  • Step 3. Home built in 8+ weeks in Blu’s factory
  • Step 4. Home delivered and set on site in 1-2 days
  • Step 5. Home completed by Blu’s team of craftsmen in 4+ weeks


  • 2015 NAHB Gold Award for Best Website
  • 2015 NAHB Silver Award for Best Architectural Design
  • 2014 Professional Builder Award for Best Residential Design
  • 2013 Builder's Choice & Custom Home
  • 2013 PCBC Gold Nugget
  • 2013 Architizer A+ Award

and more....


Bill Haney – Executive Chairman

Zephan McMinn – Chief Executive Officer

Gary Martell – Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Maura McCarthy – Co-founder & Vice President of Market Development


  • Bill Haney
  • Marie Langlois
  • Tim Disney
  • Andrew Bedford
  • John Adams
  • Rob Davenport
  • Jonathon Bond


  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Paul Guilfolye
  • Mark LaLiberte
  • Henry Lee
  • Michael Mullens
  • Lilliane Wong
  • Janet Kraus
  • Karl Daubmann
  • Diana Helfrich
  • Woody Bell
  • Sarah Redlich
  • Loek Malmberg
  • Michael Terris
  • Tim Barber


  • Vallejo, CA


~100 as of Q1 2016


  • California: 963352