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The Blu Design Studio app 2.0 now Includes the complete 2016 Blu Homes product line - all 16 homes represented, from the iconic Breeze and Sidebreeze families to our new "mini" homes such as Origin and Lotus Mini. Download the app on your iPhone or tablet today.

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Design Your Home in Immersive 3-D

Blu Homes understands that a home is a personal thing. That’s why the app will allow you to explore homes designs and layouts to find the perfect one to fit your lifestyle. Go from room to room and select design palettes to customize to your taste.

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Save your design to share with friends, or show our design team

We know that building a home is a collaborative project, which is why we’ve made it easy to share with friends and family. Once you’re satisfied with the design, Blu Homes can make your virtual dream home a reality.