The Blu Homes' Breezehouse

Blu Homes Team
November 9, 2020

Originally designed by Michelle Kaufman in 2005, Blu Homes’ iconic Breezehouse is a single- level, green modern, prefab home designed around a central Breezespace.  This living area opens on both ends and features optional folding NanaWall® doors to let the outside in.  

The evolution of an icon

Over the years, Blu Homes has made some modifications to the floorplan based on client feedback, such as; the transition of the kitchen from the corner of the home into the central living space as well as removing square footage from hallways to create larger bedrooms. Adaptable to almost any environment, the Breezespace opens from either side and will allow you to relinquish the nature around you. Even the modern-style skeptic is sure to be impressed with this incredible feature.

The choice is yours

The newly re-designed Breezehouse 2100 has a clean and simple flat roof Breezespace. We also offer an option to have the “butterfly” roof Breezespace for customers that want to retain the classic styling of the original design. Either option features an open front to back center space with flanking decks, which creates seamless indoor-outdoor space and dramatically adds to the homes usable living space.  Perfect for entertaining, and environmentally brilliant, the design of the Breezehouse is a timeless luxury home option that is unpretentious, yet sure to ‘WOW’ anyone who enters. These homes hold their value through the decades and in many areas of California, are an excellent real estate investment. With a twelve-week building period, nothing compares to the overall value, quality, and efficiency of this home.

Seeing is believing

Once you have secured land, building a Breezehouse for your property is a beautiful green and modern option that is breathtakingly unique in design, yet simple and refreshing. People come from all over the country to tour our Mare Island 2013 Breezehouse and experience what the future of home building feels like.

Our team has put together a schedule of public events to allow you to experience the quality and design of this incredible home icon for yourself. CLICK HERE to visit us for an Open House or Landowner’s workshop in 2020 and start turning your Breezehouse dreams into a reality!