The future of home building has arrived.

Unique Innovative Design

A Blu home is like nothing else. We have been innovatively designing our homes from the ground up for the last 10 years. We design homes to be lived in, with open spaces, lots of windows and floor plans that make sense. You will never look at building a home the “old way” again.

Faster to build

Our homes are factory built and finished on your site in less than 3 months. Custom homes typically take over 1 year, talk about game changing.

Costs less

The cost of a Blu home is less than building a comparable custom home. We use our innovative design and precision factory technology to achieve this lower cost without losing any of the quality and finish of a premium home.

Price protection

No matter what model, layout or finishes you design with us, Blu home products are sold with a predictable fixed price before we even start building it. This will give you the peace of mind that makes working with Blu such a breeze.

Smart. Green.


Natural light & clean air flow

Smart Waste

Up to 30% less material waste

Less Water

50% less water usage

Energy Savings

50% less electricity usage

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Seeing is believing

There is no better way to learn how great a Blu home is, then to walk through one and experience it in person. Our model homes are on Mare island in the San Francisco Bay Area. Schedule your visit.

Building a Blu home, simply better.

Find Land

Finding land or teardown property is the first step in building your Blu home. We have a very informative guide on how to find and identify land to build a Blu home on.

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Once you have land, your next step is designing your dream home. You can pick the model that suits you and the specs and finishes that fit your lifestyle and budget.

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Your local Blu Builder will help you through the permitting process, along with navigating all state and local code requirements.


Site work is done in preparation for your home delivery and set. We factory build your home, deliver and set it in as little as 5 weeks! Compare that to traditional builders that take over a year.

True peace of mind.

10 Year Structural Warranty

Covers qualified structural defect repair costs for 10 years. Warranty is insurance backed so you don’t have to worry about it being around if you need it.


Covers electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems like heating for a full 2 years.


Covers construction defects in materials or workmanship. These can include cabinets, countertops, flooring, paint and exterior siding, just to mention a few.

Over 10 years of experience

Blu homes has been on the cutting edge of the homebuilding industry for over a decade. Take a look at a sampling of past homes.

Past Homes

There are no stupid questions

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for all kinds of in-depth information on Blu homes products, process and company.