What's included

Blu project price

Blu’s process has been developed to add transparency and to reduce surprises as the project evolves. We work hard to identify any site specific challenges and costs as early as possible in the process with Blu’s Design Services. At the end of the process, you will receive a Site Development Proposal that addresses the work necessary to make your site “build ready” for the speedy construction of your dream Blu Home.

Blu Project Price includes

  • Blu house
  • Standard materials & finishes
  • 36” crawlspace foundation on flat lot
  • Delivery and set on your foundation
  • Finishing by our own skilled crew
  • Standard appliances & fixtures
  • Decks per Schematic Drawings
  • 75’ asphalt driveway & utilities
  • Basic HVAC and electric
  • Basic site supervision
  • Basic interior finish paint