Powered by Dvele

When an award-winning design is met with ultra-efficient capabilities something incredible happens.

A Disruptive Home

For the first time, all of the high-end Blu Home designs come equipped with Dvele Inside.

A Truly Modern Home

With Dvele Inside, all Blu Homes are now leveraging modern day technology to provide for a truly revolutionary living environment

Where Blu Meets Dvele

In June of 2020, Dvele acquired Blu Homes, another high-end modular home builder sharing a common vision of providing high-end homes that are ultra-efficient and health-promoting. Powered by Dvele is the process of integrating the most resilient, health-promoting, and inspiring technology to enlighten the experience of a Blu home. These details add up to a holistic experience that is both seen and felt beyond what traditional construction homes offer. Now every Blu Home comes with the intelligence of Dvele Inside.

What Is Now Being Offered For All Blu Homes