Powered by Dvele

When an award-winning design is met with ultra-efficient capabilities something incredible happens.

A Disruptive Home

For the first time, all of the high-end Blu Home designs come equipped with Dvele Inside.

A Truly Modern Home

With Dvele Inside, all Blu Homes are now leveraging modern day technology to provide for a truly revolutionary living environment


In June of 2020, Dvele acquired Blu Homes, another high-end modular home builder sharing a common vision of providing high-end homes that are ultra-efficient and health-promoting. Powered by Dvele is the process of integrating the most resilient, health-promoting, and inspiring technology to enlighten the experience of a Blu home. These details add up to a holistic experience that is both seen and felt beyond what traditional construction homes offer. Now every Blu Home comes with the intelligence of Dvele Inside.


Both Blu Homes and Dvele hold a prominent place in the industry with its modern approach to home building. Together, both Blu Homes and Dvele apply advanced technology to design and build highly personalized, premium modular homes of extraordinary quality. Dvele's Unparalleled Choice initiative represents the unique blend of cutting edge technology, a thoughtful modern design, and of course, expert craftsmanship. These details add up to a holistic experience that is both seen and felt beyond what traditional construction homes offer. Now, for the first time, we are offering all of the same unique features of a Dvele for all Blu Homes.

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What Is Now Being Offered For All Blu Homes

Performance Obsessive Homes

Ultra Health Promotion

The enormity of a home’s potential contribution as a positive or negative influence on our daily lives is not often fully understood by most homeowners. And while people invest in their personal future in a lot of ways, few investments pay off more than a healthy lifestyle promoted by a healthy home. Click on the link below to discover how a Dvele makes for a healthier choice.

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Stunningly Modern

Maybe it is the boldness that compels you to linger. Perhaps it is the modern elements that draw you in. Whatever it is, we realize that a high-end modern home is ingrained in the details. By teaming up with Dvele, all Blu products just became a whole lot more modern. Click on the link below to discover what makes for a high-end modern home.

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A Brilliant Home

A Blu Home powered by Dvele embraces technology that is designed to embolden your lifestyle. Click on the link below to discover how the technology built into all Blu products allows the occupants to achieve the ultimate level of comfort, security, health-promotion, and much more.

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A Resilient Home

Earth. We live here too. At Dvele, one of our founding principles is to deploy homes that have a positive impact on the environment. We do this by steering our efforts against two philosophical mandates: efficiency and sustainability. Click on the link below to learn how a Dvele is significantly more sustainable.

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Blu Homes & Dvele's Commitment

At Dvele, we are committed to catalyzing the human transition into buildings that are significantly more sustainable. By revolutionizing the way homes are designed, produced and experienced we are making a substantial, positive impact on our customers and the planet. Our team of Dvelees shares a common vision to inspire a new future full of beautiful, health-promoting homes that are entirely self-powered, adaptable, safe and highly resilient. Click on the link below to learn more about Dvele and how we are working with Blu Homes to change the future of "home." 

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