Make it yours

At Blu Homes, we strive to bring together the best combination of high quality, energy efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly material options to construct your factory built home.

While your factory selections are most of the choices in your home building journey, they are not all of them. Due to local building codes, design requirements and climate variations, there are a number of design options that will be site specific and therefore need to be provided by your Blu Advisor / Site General Contractor.


Quality, Longevity, and Cost Effectiveness.

Blu Homes chose Whirlpool as our Standard appliance offering, with their subsidiary KitchenAid as our Upgrade & Premium Upgrade offerings due to their outstanding commitment to quality, design, and value. Through the immense R&D and design resources of the Whirlpool corporation, they have transformed into a leading edge technology appliance company with beautiful products that are simple to use and maintain.

Air is life. Make it perfect®

Beginning with the introduction of the world’s first riveted-steel furnace in 1895, Lennox has focused on delivering on the values of trust, innovation and quality.  And after more than 120 years of innovation, Blu Homes has found their products to be exceptionally quiet, energy and cost efficient.

The Sun Loves LG

After nearly 25 years of research & development, LG Solar launched their first residential photovoltaic arrays in 2009.

Under the strength of LG’s $55 billion Electronics division, they were able to use their vast experience in semi-conductors, chemistry, and electronics to create a series of the worlds best performing photovoltaic products.

So what makes LG Panels so special that Blu Homes would use them?

  • Outstanding low light performance – yielding more power from morning, afternoon, and shaded sunlight than their competitors
  • A low “Light Induced Degradation” rate – allowing more electricity to be generated over the life of the panel
  • High temperature performance – ensuring panels continue to generate more power in hot weather than the competition
  • High wind & corrosion resistance – to ensure panels can be reliably used in coastal applications

The most trusted and recommended brand of windows & doors.

For over 115 years, Andersen has created windows & doors that set higher standards for the entire industry. Through their continual commitment to product innovation and customer satisfaction, Andersen has become the most trusted and recommended brand of windows and doors among homeowners, and contractors in North America.
At Blu Homes, we particularly align with Andersen’s values and commitment to Environmental Stewardship. Both Blu Homes and Andersen are constantly seeking new ways to reduce our environmental footprint while maximizing our positive impact on the world around us.

Rest easy knowing that you’ve purchased a product that:

  • Minimizes pollution at the source
  • Conserves natural resources through reduction, reuse, and recycling of materials
  • Promotes energy conservation
  • Develops long-lasting products that have minimal adverse effects on the environment

Innovative Flooring, Designed for You

For over 130 years, Mohawk’s mission has been to innovate and craft quality flooring for the American home. Through that focus they not only became the world’s largest flooring company but they also have created some of the best flooring products possible.

After years of experience with other brands, Blu Homes decided to partner with Mohawk due to their long lasting, cost effective, and eco-friendly flooring. They offer top-quality products made with recycled and renewable resources. But it’s not just what they make, it’s also how they make it. Their approach to sustainability covers every point of the product’s life cycle, from raw materials, manufacturing, and distribution to installation methods and end-of-life recycling.

So you know your Mohawk flooring is an excellent choice for you… and for the planet.

Reclaimed Wood Solutions Since 1974

While combing the mountains of West Virginia in search of rare timber, Willie Drake found an abundance of usable wood in the regions abandoned barns. He quickly realized there was a massive opportunity to reuse the material and save the existing trees, thus the Mountain Lumber Company was born.

For nearly five decades, Mountain Lumber has traveled the globe searching for rare and beautiful woods within structures that are no longer in use. Every piece of reclaimed wood they mill is hand-selected for its richness in history, character and beauty before it’s turned over to their experienced craftsmen who de-nail, saw and kiln dry every board. They leave nothing to waste; even burning their dust to create the energy use to run their kilns and heat their facilities.

For fast installation, Blu Homes uses their pre-finished and engineered alternatives for a beautiful and eco-friendly hardwood flooring solution.

America's leading tile company

Founded over 70 years ago in Dallas, Daltile is the largest manufacturer of tile in the North America, and one of the largest tile brands in the world.

Daltile has a rich history brought to life through the manufacturing of ceramics, mosaics, porcelain, quarry tile and a variety of natural stone products sourced from unique locations through out the world.

Their extensive North American footprint combined with one of the most extensive product offerings, has allowed Blu Homes and Daltile to create a robust assortment of options, while still being readily available to keep up with our rapid manufacturing processes.