Green Builder Blu Homes Unfolds Second Green Home Product Line Blu|Element

January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010 — Green Builder Blu Homes, Inc. today announced the launch of its Blu|Element Green Home product line and delivery of its first Element to Charlestown, RI native and local school bus driver Rainy Day. Blu|Element Green homes are eco-friendly and designed as an intimate single-family primary residence or charming vacation cottage or retirement home. Element is designed with value in mind and it maximizes living space. It features lovely high ceilings and abundant windows making it spacious and bright.

"Blu Homes allowed me to build my absolute dream home on my family's farm right here in my home town," said Rainy Day, Blu homeowner. "I've been looking for a green home that I could afford for years and Blu made the whole process fun and exciting."

Blu's break-through folding technology and computer modeling, factory construction and stronger materials allow Blu to build Elements quickly, economically ship them anywhere, and have Blu's own highly-skilled staff efficiently unfold and complete the buildings on-site within days.

Blu|Element Green homes come in three sizes and includes a variety of one- or two-bedroom floorplans and many options on window, door and wall placement. Element features a unique combination of healthy, cool and green design options, including a fireplace and each Element features standard luxurious touches like a towel warmer in the bathroom. For more information on Blu|Element go to

Blu Homes unveiled its first product line, Blu|Origin, for commercial and residential applications late last year and delivered four Origins to late night talk show Lopez Tonight in September 2009. The buildings are serving as the show host's personal dressing room, the "green" room (guest waiting area) and two guest dressing rooms. Blu also recently delivered an Origin as an addition to a 1930s bungalow vacation home in Rye, NH in December 2009. Element is the second of series of product lines Blu plans to roll out this year.