Green Builder Blu Homes Launches First Two-Story Home, Blu | Evolution

April 8, 2010

March 31, 2010 – Green builder Blu Homes, Inc., today announced the launch of its first two-story Green home, the Blu | Evolution. Blu | Evolution Green homes are eco-friendly and designed for single-family homes, townhomes and development communities. The Evolution comes with three or four bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Like all Blu homes, the Evolution is designed with value in mind and it maximizes living space. It features a beautiful roof deck, high ceilings, an open floor plan with a large kitchen, and abundant south-facing windows, making it bright and spacious.

“The Evolution is a beautiful, spacious green home suitable for private residences, schools or institutional housing or green developments,” said Maura McCarthy, Blu co-founder. “We now offer a broad range of eco-friendly, modern buildings suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial clients.”

Blu’s break-through folding technology and computer modeling, factory construction and stronger materials allow Blu to build quickly, economically ship anywhere, and have its own highly-skilled staff efficiently unfold and complete the Evolution on-site.

Blu | Evolution comes in a variety of floor plans, including three- or four-bedroom options and many possibilities on window, door and wall placement. The Evolution also features a unique combination of healthy, cool and green design options to minimize the carbon footprint, including low or no-VOC paints and finishes, recycled and recyclable materials, low-flow fixtures, energy star appliances and an optional pier foundation. Blu offers a variety of residential and commercial designs and has delivered homes to families and businesses across the U.S. For more information, visit or contact