Family Moves Into State-Of-The Art, Eco-Friendly Blu "Chalet" in Breckenridge, Colorado

October 7, 2009

October 7, 2009 - Blu Homes, Inc. today announced its first home completed in Colorado. Clients Michael and Nikki Fischer recently became the first residents of a custom Blu "Chalet", one of Blu's growing line of eco-friendly, accessible homes and buildings. The Blu|Chalet is expected to be widely available as a Blu standard design by mid-2010. The Fischers are an example of a growing group of Blu homebuyers looking for beautiful, eco-friendly, high tech homes. The Fischer Chalet, combined with a handful of small residential and commercial projects, and homes built using Blu's recently acquired Michelle Kaufmann designs, brings the total number of Blu designs already in use to nearly 50.

Blu's proprietary technology uses a unique combination of steel and wood in its construction making its buildings more stable, more economical to ship and quicker to set up on site. Factory-built Blu homes also leave a smaller ecological "footprint" on the land than traditional "stick built" homes. Further, Blu takes the guesswork out of building a home by allowing the consumer to visualize every aspect of a standard design before construction even begins.

"Blu allowed us to build our dream home, one that embraces the beautiful natural surroundings and preserves the environment, at an affordable price," said Michael Fischer, Blu homeowner. "The Blu team was remarkably professional and easy to work with and their cutting-edge technology allowed us to 'interact' with the home from initial concepts through completion, making the whole process smooth and easy."

The Fischer home in Breckenridge, Colorado features Blu's own unique combination of design features, including modern cedar v-groove siding, a pre-cast concrete and foam foundation, spray foam insulation and a high efficiency furnace, which collectively help to reduce energy costs by 30-50% than that of traditional construction. In addition, the home has an open, spacious layout, using abundant, tall windows and allowing for a great deal of natural light. It also features stylish, non-toxic cabinetry, recessed can lighting and gleaming, renewable bamboo floors.