As Energy Prices Spike, Blu Homes Enable Homeowners To Cut Monthly Home Energy Expenses 50-70% Thanks To Hybrid-Like Efficiency

March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011 — With oil prices rising again, Blu Homes today announced that its highly efficient, innovative steel-framed homes cost on average 50 to 70 percent less to operate on a monthly basis than conventional homes. Performing significantly beyond even Energy Star standards, Blu’s homes are economically appealing alternatives to the average American house. In many ways, Blu’s homes are the housing equivalent of hybrid vehicles.

“Just as we make the investment to buy a hybrid or electric car because it will cost far less in the long run and because it reflects our personal values, many people are starting to think about building homes that operate under the exact same principle,” said Bill Haney, CEO of Blu Homes. “People are rightly concerned about the rising monthly operating costs of their homes. Our houses should be energy-efficient investments for the future, not resource-guzzling burdens.” Residential consumption alone produces over 35% of the carbon dioxide emitted in the United States, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Further supporting the hybrid comparison, Blu recently re-engineered its beautiful and spacious Breezehouse ( for maximum energy efficiency. Blu Homes co-founder Maura McCarthy is available for expert comment on the changing landscape of housing in the U.S., and on lowering home operating costs through smart design.

“The built environment is a huge consumer of energy,” said Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council. “Highly efficient building systems like those of Blu Homes can make a dramatic contribution to reducing our dependency on foreign fuels, dropping our nation’s energy consumption, reducing our individual carbon footprints and creating a healthier environment.”

This winter, Blu Homes’ clients have noticed the benefits of comfort and energy savings that result from Blu’s combination of high-quality insulation, radiant flooring heat, high efficiency HVAC system and passive energy optimizing designs. “It’s been one of the coldest, snowiest winters in recent memory, but the passive solar light and natural beauty outside feel like they’re ‘entering in’ from the big windows, keeping it warm and comfortable inside, while keeping our energy bills low,” said Long Island, New York Blu home owner Chris Howitt. “And we absolutely love the radiant flooring — it heats our home wonderfully.”

It is those client benefits that drive Blu Homes’ two-pronged approach to efficiency: integrating the high-tech engineering behind the homes’ unique steel frame with the thoughtful eco-friendly features that go into the home. Blu’s proprietary steel-framing creates a strong, tightly-insulated home that can fold up, making transportation to a homeowner’s site cost- and energy- efficient. Within the home, features like radiant heat flooring, solar and water catchment capabilities make the homes’ energy consumption smart and hybrid-like.

“By using proprietary information and building science innovation, we are changing the whole paradigm for designing and buying new homes,” said Maura McCarthy, co-founder and VP sales and marketing of Blu Homes. “Blu is making it much easier to get a beautiful, energy-smart home.”

About Blu
Blu Homes, Inc. is a Massachusetts- and California-based builder of green, modern, prefabricated homes. Blu has built a variety of residential and institutional eco-friendly home designs for families and organizations across the U.S., from New York to the Colorado mountains and the California coast. Blu’s proprietary steel framing and building folding technology allows for efficient shipping across North America. For more information on Blu Homes, contact, or visit