BluServ Plus

We understand that your project is more than just a Blu home. With our BluServ Plus service, we take care of your entire project – including the foundation, site work, driveways, and more – so that your Blu home connects seamlessly to your land. Most Blu clients choose BluServ Plus because it provides more of what they value most: time, peace of mind, full project pricing and accountability.

We understand your project is more than just a Blu Home.

Included Services

BluServ Plus includes all the services that help make building your dream home more simple and convenient.

    We design the foundation, driveway, and decking to connect to your home beautifully and cost effectively.
    We provide a full project price contract for your entire project.
    Our project management team manages your entire project from concept to move-in.
    Our site management team ensures that your site construction is completed with the same care and quality as your premium Blu home.

Our site management team ensures your construction is completed with care and quality.

A Total Project Quote

In keeping with Blu’s commitment to transparent pricing, BluServ Plus provides full project pricing for the entire project at the time of Authorization to Permit. Blu’s team first works with you to tailor your project design to your specific site and needs. From there, Blu’s professional and experienced team of project managers work with our subcontractor networks to bid each service, including excavation, foundation, utilities, decking, and more. Finally, Blu provides you a single point of accountability by offering you full project pricing for the total project. This offers your family transparency and peace of mind, compared to the traditional custom building process which can be riddled with change orders, upcharges, and unexpected surprises. 


Quality and Convenience

In today’s busy environment, many clients do not have the time, experience, or desire to select site contractors and then manage the myriad of project details from start to completion. We understand that while most of our customers are not planning second careers as general contractors, they absolutely do wish for the same thoughtfulness and care in site design and execution, as in their Blu home! BluServ Plus allows you to get Blu’s beautifully designed homes along with the same commitment to quality and convenience at a full project price, on the rest of your project.

A Single Point of Contact

Blu has built a highly-skilled team of project managers and designers to ensure that you get the unique home you desire. On top of that, you get the peace of mind that comes with a single point of contact, the assurance of a reliable and clearly articulated building schedule and the confidence that your project is being thoughtfully managed by Blu’s team throughout the entire building process.