The true cost of building your Blu Home

Blu Homes Team
November 10, 2020

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is "What is the cost breakdown of building a Blu Home start to finish?"  The answer to this isn't always simple, as factors in building can vary so dramatically parcel to parcel. Here is a quick guide to understanding the price point you can expect when you are considering building one.  

Home Cost & Delivery:

Each model has a base price and includes premium design options, even at the Standard Level.  Here at Blu, we pride ourselves on building with the highest quality materials and spend countless hours in product development to bring competitive luxury homes built in over half the time of traditional stick-built homes.  The home price listed on our Website and Marketing Materials includes the standard Blu Home floor plan, product design services, standard materials & finishes, delivery and setting on foundation, conventional appliances and fixtures, basic HVAC & electrical and interior paint.  

Site Work:

Think of Site Work as everything needed to deliver and attach the home to the parcel; the research and planning of the property's needs, utility hook-ups, grading of the soil, the construction of the foundation, and the stitch and seam.  It also includes any decking, retaining walls, fences, garages, and landscaping. The stitching of the boxes, connection to site utilities, and completion of the home is also site work and completed by your Blu Advisor. (See More information on Blu Advisors here)

Other Costs:  

The cost of land is a separate cost, and if you are still on the search for a Blu Homes compatible parcel Click Here to read more about what to look for when you are still in the "Looking for Land" stage of your project. Sometimes other costs arise in the evaluation of a project, such as challenging delivery that requires additional tools and equipment rentals.  Upgraded specifications, such as windows, doors, appliances, and flooring; determined during the spec selection process.

Payment Structure:

The Blu Homes payment structure typically begins with a $1500 Site Analysis service, to evaluate the feasibility of a project on a specific parcel, and provide a line by line estimate of costs and timeline for each job to be done.  To read more about the Site Analysis process: Click Here. After you sign your purchase order, choose your specs, and decide to move forward, there is a 1% down on the project to lock in the factory slot.  Next, there is 25%, 35% and the remainder of the project due at the next milestones.  We also have a Quick Tool that you can use to get a better idea of costs before signing up for the site analysis.

Financing your Blu Home:

Blu Homes does not offer in-house financing; however, we do have a few preferred lenders that we can recommend.  You can finance a Blu Home just like you would finance any other new home build with a construction loan.

When you have secured your land, and are ready to set up a meeting with a New Home Consultant, Contact Us and we will be able to help you get started!