Peace of Mind: Fires, Earthquakes, Wind, & Rain

Blu Homes Team
November 9, 2020

If you are building a new home in California, the forces of nature are necessary to consider.  We have had our fair share of earthquakes and fires and we know that these realities are a threat to everyone and every home that dwells here.  As more advanced technologies emerge for creating safer homes, Blu takes into account these dangers and implements the highest rated materials and building standards into our homes.

Building with us really can offer a better peace of mind!  Our homes are built to last and follow the strictest safety codes.  We use every way available feature to keep your home safe from damages caused by wind, rain, fire, and earthquakes.  Our interior sprinkler systems and fire-resistant fiber cement siding is the safest option on the market in areas with high fire risk.  We also offer metal roofing as an option as well, for extra protection. Each Blu Home now meets the WUI code requirements. This additional layer of protection comes as a standard finish option!   Exterior fire block, non-combustible roofing material and integrated gutter systems makea Blu Home much more capable of surviving the threat of wildfire.

Whenever possible we are learning and growing with these new developments and adding features and options to make our homes of the highest standards.  "Safe, Green, and Energy-Efficient" is the way of the future and also creates a healthier life, and less waste overall.  Beyond keeping you, your home, your family and your pets safe- we are committed to building that also takes Mother Nature into consideration.  To give back to the environment and also be able to dwell safely within it is one of our greatest goals for your home.

Please Contact Us if you are building in California and especially if you are rebuilding your home after damage caused by nature's forces; we would love to work with you and speak more with you about your project and the options that are available.  After the recent devastation that the fires incurred, we have prioritized implementing the new ways of building into our designs, and we understand your concerns. We look forward to speaking with you soon!