Moving at the speed of modular

Blu Homes Team
November 10, 2020

It’s been said that when it comes to building, you need to choose between speed and quality. Well, what if you could have both? Who doesn’t like win-win situations? With Blu Homes we have designed our products and process to achieve just that... win-win baby!

Each Blu Home is completed from start to finish in a fraction of the time that traditional stick-built homes are. With over a decade of modular home building experience, Blu determined that partnering with talented local construction professionals to complete site work resulted in servicing customers with completed homes at remarkable speeds. Quality and accountability go hand in hand with every project and the results of using this unique method of construction is saving landowners hundreds of thousands of dollars in time and money in the process.

What makes it so fast?

There are two-time frames to consider in the Blu Homes building process: “Pre-Permit” and “Post Permit.” Although we wish we could, Blu Homes does not control the pre-permitting time frame, which entails acquiring design, engineering, and local government approval – including “design review” in some locations. Pre-Permitting can be as fast as three months and as long as twelve months, depending on your municipality.

The part of the process where Blu really shines is in the Post-Permitting Process:

  • 8 weeks to build in the factory
  • 1 day to set the home
  • 2 days - 4 weeks to finish on site

In the Western US, new custom home building timeframes can average from 10 to 13 months after receiving building permits. Our optimized design and factory-built process allow for projects to be completed in 2-3 months post building permit!

When considering your build time, keep in mind that the construction of the home itself happens in the factory at the same time as the foundation and sitework is completed. This synchronicity allows for the modules to show up and be set on the foundation from truck to crane the day after the concrete has cured! If you have ever experienced a traditional home build, you would be amazed witnessing the set day of a Blu home as the Blu crew places the 85% complete home on the foundation in a matter of hours. The planning and execution are what make things come together all at the right moment. This creates a climactic home for everyone involved, the set and the crew and the clients all come in together on a memorable day as the home moves from truck to parcel all before lunchtime.

What is your time worth?

After the completion of hundreds of projects nationwide, our team and clients can agree on one thing: Time = Money when considering building a new home. Whether this will be your first build, your second home, or an investment property, the efficient Blu Process will save you thousands of dollars of valuable time. In addition to that, the diminished stress and chances of human error is priceless. Blu’s clear cut time-line and cost estimates give clients a clear vision of their home project from start to finish. and love delivering our homes to our clients at the speed of modular.

To find out how fast you can build a Blu Home, contact our offices to schedule a meeting with a New Home Consultant. Read hear about what some of our most recent clients are saying here: WATCH VIDEO