Looking for Land?

Blu Homes Team
November 10, 2020

When looking to build a Blu Home, many people think they need to find a piece of raw land to develop on to save on costs and stay in budget, but here are some reasons why a teardown property is a great option as well!  In this short article, we breakdown the basics of the benefits of both buying raw land or a teardown property to build your beautiful new Blu Home on.

The Teardown Lowdown

Purchasing a property with an older or obsolete home on it is a great way to acquire a buildable lot in an existing neighborhood. Once the structure is demolished, landowners are left with a buildable surface, utilities to hook up to and a current driveway, considering it is still in good condition. Teardown prices only average around $15/sq.ft., so this option often saves time and money on overall site work compared to starting with a raw piece of land.

This Land Is Your Land!

On the other hand, we are highly experienced with building on raw, undeveloped land. Blu Advisors have successfully installed well, septic, and brought in new utility lines to the property. Raw land tends to have a lower purchase price but to develop the land, in general, takes more time and money.

We Are Here To Help

While searching for that perfect parcel, keep in mind that the possibilities are in abundance when you build a Blu Home. We have a team of Construction Specialists who have solved a multitude of delivery and development challenges. Once you have identified land you are interested in, we can perform a parcel specific Site Analysis and provide you with a detailed report of estimated costs for building with us.  In  order to see if a Blu Home will pencil out for you, use our Free Quote Tool to see if our homes will work in the area you are looking to build in.