Look Inside the Completed Breezehouse

Get a peek inside the first completed Breezehouse on the East Coast. Now open for tours.

Watch the first home unfold

On a gorgeous autumn day, Blu Homes unfolded a Breezehouse that will serve as a model home for the Neil Costa’s lots in Columbia County.

The developer shares his vision

“It was always my intent and my dream, really, to develop the land and to do it in a really responsible way. I think Blu homes belong in this area. The more I learned about Blu, the more I thought that they were a fit. Their approach is my approach; their sensibility is my sensibility.” – Neil Costa, Blu home buyer and land developer

Why the developer chose Blu Homes

“The idea of building a house that was built somewhere else in a totally clean, controlled environment that was dry, it is an amazing idea.” – Neil Costa, Blu home buyer and land developer

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