Northport, ME

Two Origins

A quick turnaround on two 36′ Origin units provides a flexible sanctuary for a couple at their family property beside a lake in Northport, Maine. One Origin is used as a private bedroom and sanctuary, and the other has a full kitchen and is used as a common area for entertaining guests. A site-built lower and upper deck connect the two buildings and provide an outdoor space where the couple can enjoy beautiful views of the lake.

“We love our view and the open space that our two Origins have afforded us. Just as importantly, we love not having to live through the “dirty” construction part of the traditional home-building process.”
—Dannel and Suzi Romanik, Homeowners


The deck and abundant windows face the lake to take advantage of the beautiful setting. Artwork and orange accents combine with sunlight from the lake to create a warm ambiance. Customization requests for the kitchen pushed the envelope of Blu's design capabilities.Glass doors and transom windows help blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors.  This vacation retreat is tucked away within 74 acres of secluded forest.The deck provides outdoor space for enjoying views of the lake.

The Blu projects depicted herein may contain features or floor plans Blu no longer offers and/or customizations made by the project owner. Please inquire with our sales team to see our current standard features and floor plans for each Blu home.