Joshua Tree, CA

Three Origins

Tim Disney, filmmaker and Blu Homes Board Member, understands the appeal of building prefab and wanted to experience it for himself. He’s done traditional construction before and knows how unpredictable and stressful it can be. “It’s up to the contractor to interpret the plans and it becomes a guessing game on what the final cost is going to be,” said Disney.

When Tim decided to build a vacation house in the starkly beautiful setting of Joshua Tree, CA, he wanted a home that suited the environment and that would be energy efficient and easy to maintain. “We chose the Origin model because of its plain, flat top profile that’s very horizontal and seemed appropriate for the site,” said Disney. The Origin’s small footprint also appealed to Disney, who believes that it’s rational to live in manageable spaces. “There’s less distance to walk from room to room, less cleaning, less energy. It just makes more sense,” he said.

“Fall, spring, winter are going to be amazing. There’s so little difference between inside and outside, we can’t wait to start using the home.”
—Tim Disney, Blu Homes Board Member and Homeowner


Pictured here are two Origins joined by a site-built connector The Disneys chose the low, flat-roofed Origin to complement the landscapeThe stark beauty of the Mojave desert makes a stunning backdrop for this homeAndersen windows and doors, Trex composite deckingThe Origin modules feature corrugated metal siding, cedar sunshades and fiber cement detailSliding glass doors, recessed can lighting, tile floorsPlyboo flooring in Sahara StrandFlorida tile backsplash glass tile in Sage and Bellini Vogue Square cabinets in Asian AshPlyboo flooring in Havana Strand, cabinetry in Bellini Vogue Squary Wild Cherry Glass doors and clerestory windows let in lots of light

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