Hampton Bays, NY


This two bedroom Element 48′ Blu Home was designed to be a welcoming family retreat in the Hamptons. The home sits on an acreage in Hampton Bays that the homeowners bought about 20 years ago to use as a getaway for the family. Prior to the construction of the Element, the family used an old barn for weekend retreats and summer holidays. When the barn started to deteriorate, the couple began to research a number of home-building options to find the perfect vacation house that was both easy to build and cost effective. Precision-built homes appealed to them because they live and work in New York City and did not want to be bogged down with a lengthy or time-consuming construction process. They were also looking for a home that made good use of its space, had plenty of daylight and was energy efficient. After getting quotes from architects at $300 per square foot for a custom home, the family looked for lower-cost prefab options and finally settled on Blu Homes because of its design aesthetic and value.

“The house fit perfectly on the footprint, and the unfolding was fun to watch.”
—Chris Howitt, Homeowners’ son-in-law


Site-built decking and basement foundation High ceilings on abundant windows create a bright, airy living space.Exterior stairs to the basement are visible on the right side of the deck.A sliding door provides privacy without wasting space.Large picture windows bring the beautiful forest surroundings inside and contribute to a calm retreat.The kitchen includes appliances from the Whirlpool Cook's Kitchen package. Clerestory windows provide light during the day and ventilation during warm summer nights.

The Blu projects depicted herein may contain features or floor plans Blu no longer offers and/or customizations made by the project owner. Please inquire with our sales team to see our current standard features and floor plans for each Blu home.