South Lake Tahoe, CA

This two-story Evolution vacation home provides everything a family with three active children and guests need while relaxing near Lake Tahoe.

"We love our two-story Evolution in Lake Tahoe. It's everything our family of five needs, and we had it built in less than a year!"
—Milli Josifovska, Homeowner

Portsmouth, RI

Two Evolution homes make for beautiful, low-maintenance faculty housing.

"The sense we got from our own operations folks was that once a Blu Home is up, it's a rock. It's there forever."
—James DeVecchi, Headmaster, Portsmouth Abbey School

The Blu projects depicted herein may contain features or floor plans Blu no longer offers and/or customizations made by the project owner. Please inquire with our sales team to see our current standard features and floor plans for each Blu home.