Personalize Your Home

One of the challenges that homeowners face when selecting finishes is visualizing the end result. Blu Homes now lets you use our 3-D Configurator to personalize your home by selecting your preferred finishes and seeing the changes in real time.  Then, move through and around the home in 3-D to see how it looks before you make your final choices.

You can choose from thousands of finish combinations. Our finish palettes were crafted by our team of talented designers, providing a variety of aesthetics to suit different tastes. Plus, our team has extensively researched and selected building materials that consider the health of the homeowner. We also use green finishes and fixtures that make each home efficient and that benefit the environment, including reclaimed or sustainably forested wood flooring, Energy-Star certified appliances and low-flow fixtures.

If you need assistance in selecting a home design or interior finishes, we have representatives to help you. Blu Homes offers the tools and assistance you need to simplify the process of personalizing and building a new home.