Find Your Land

Blu wants to help guide you in your search for the perfect home site. We can help you in a variety of ways:

Blu is with you all the way! From browsing the land search websites listed below to answering any questions you have about factors that affect site costs to a site visit to check for delivery or buildability issues, Blu staff is ready to help.

Can't wait to get started?

In the section below, you can browse through local and national online land listings. The links for each area are pre-filtered for lots that are over 0.25 acres; fitting Blu homes on lots smaller than this is difficult. You can adjust the budget filters to match your land price range. Happy Hunting!

Choosing the right home site or teardown

Our Blu home prices include a site visit and delivery assessment. We can help you assess if a site will be suitable and help you anticipate any delivery issues a given site may face. Various site characteristics—soil type and slope, for example—can affect your final site costs.

Many Blu clients opt to purchase a site with a home to be torn down. In areas that are more built out, vacant land in good neighborhoods can sometimes be difficult to find. One great option is to purchase an existing home on a desirable lot that can be torn down. These types of lots will have the hookup for utilities already in place and usually require less hardscaping and land remediation than raw land, facts that help offset the cost of demolition.

For more information, read our flyer about finding land.