Choose Your Home

Blu Homes offers eight distinctly different home designs with the added option of combining buildings to create your own. They range from cozy studio and cottage spaces, to spacious four bedroom homes, with ceilings as high as 16 feet. You may choose either single-level living or two-stories, and you can also add extras like a roof deck. Select the exterior option that best reflects your aesthetic and your home site.

The process of selecting a home design just got easier: Blu Homes now lets you use our 3D Configurator to choose your home design, select your preferred finishes, and then move through and around the space to see how it looks and feels. The Configurator lets you experience the home you choose before it is ever built.

Finally, speak with a Blu Homes representative who will work with our design team to virtually site your home on your land for proper solar orientation. This process, using our 3D software and Google Earth, allows you to see your home on your land from every angle.

Required Additional Services

Depending on your jurisdiction, there may be local requirements for architectural review, design, or project management / zoning services required for permitting. If so, we will set up a simple Professional Services Agreement to outline the scope of these services.

Optional Additional Services

For clients who are interested, we charge an hourly rate for services in this stage related to expediting, project management, and more. Please contact Blu Sales if you are interested in these ancillary services as part of your purchase process.