Build & Deliver

Once you have purchased land, secured financing, selected your home design and finishes, and have the local zoning/building approvals, it is time to build! Blu Homes will construct your home within our controlled factory environment, and then will ship and set the home on your site.

During the manufacturing, ship and set process, Blu:

 During this phase you and your Site Contractor will:

How Our Delivery Works

Blu Homes’ unique steel-framing technology allows each home to fold up and to ship on a truck bed. Our team then unfolds and sets the home on site.   This narrow, simple shipping technique is a key advantage for Blu, allowing us to deliver to many more sites than traditional modular homes, and to have wider, more open spaces with higher ceilings. Most of the time, a crane is required to install the home onto the foundation.

Our Included Services

We handle the manufacture, ship and set of your home.  

Outside Vendor Services

As described above, you and your Site Contractor will be deeply involved at this stage with coordinating the excavation, foundation, utilities prep and all other site preparation prior to delivery.