Our Factory

Blu Homes is proud to be building our architecturally designed, precision-built homes in a technologically advanced manufacturing facility at the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard, near Vallejo, CA. Completed in 1940, the building contains an impressive 223,600 square-foot factory floor and a central bay approximately 10 stories tall, making it one of the largest buildings on Mare Island. With an extremely durable steel frame, high quality teak ceiling and lots of natural light streaming through all of the original windows, the building fully embodies many of our own building principles.

During WWII, 90 vessels were built and 1,200 repaired within the facility. Since WWII, the facility has been used to build nuclear submarines, repair and focus submarine periscopes, and construct the huge drums needed to build dams. Under our stewardship, the factory will produce up to nearly 1,000 beautiful, eco-friendly homes per year. We are excited to be a part of this building’s rich history!

Blu Homes West Coast Factory Opening

Visiting Our Factory

Go behind the scenes and experience first hand the amazing engineering and precision construction of Blu Homes. We open our factory regularly for small, exclusive tours with Blu Homes experts. Check our events page to find out more about upcoming tours.

If you would like to begin the process of building your new Blu Home with an initial consultation, please fill out our contact form and one of our sales representatives will contact you right away.  We look forward to hearing more about your vision for building a new home!

Please direct general inquiries about our factory to info@bluhomes.com.