Designed by world class architects, our homes offer inspired designs, sophisticated green standards and quality construction in an extraordinarily convenient way – to make life simpler, healthier and more beautiful for you.

Our team of architects has combined warm eco-friendly materials, clean and spacious lines, high ceilings, and thoughtful storage systems to create delightful, sun-drenched indoor spaces.  Blu’s proprietary building process and innovative steel-framing technology allow our homes to be built to the highest aesthetic and environmental standards and be delivered quickly and economically.  We are committed to reducing stress and risk for our customers by simplifying and streamlining the home-building process. We use sophisticated 3D technology to allow you to personalize your home before we engineer, build, and finish it on site—all within 7-9 months and at a fixed and transparent price.

Our designers have extensively researched the best products available in modern green design to ensure quality in every aspect of our homes:

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