Dramatic two-story living with a classic exterior

Inspired by the look and feel of classic Colonial homes, the Lofthouse offers a dramatic two-story living room with an overlooking loftspace, two-, three- and four-bedroom floorplan options, open or separate dining areas, and a multitude of interior and exterior finish options. Upgrades include custom-designed casework and one of two modern fireplace options in the two-story living area. The second floor loftspace layout offers a flexible office or living space overlooking the open living area below. Owners may also choose to enclose the loftspace to create an additional bedroom. 

For descriptions, floorplans and specifications for each of our homes, please view our Blu Homes Overview Book. 


  • Two-story living room
  • Two levels
  • Smart storage
  • Optional fireplace
  • Open or separate dining area
  • High quality home finishes
  • FSC & Greenguard-certified products
  • Formaldeheyde-free materials and low VOC materials
  • Non-off gassing materials



Blu Home Model Number of Bedrooms Region Blu Home Starting Pricea Typical Site Costsa,b Approximate Total Budgetb Approximate Monthly Loan Paymentc
Lofthouse 3-4 California $446,000 $282,000 $728,000 +
land costs
Lofthouse 3-4 East Coast $475,000 $279,000 $754,000 +
land costs
Lofthouse 3-4 Mountain $460,000 $265,000 $725,000 +
land costs
Lofthouse 3-4 Pacific Northwest $460,000 $265,000 $725,000 +
land costs

Service Areas*

Region States Serviced  
East Coast CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT  
Mountain CO  
Pacific Northwest OR, WA  

* Please contact Blu Homes for pricing if your state is not listed above.

a. Additional charges may apply based upon geographic location, site-specific conditions and applicable state and local sales tax. Please contact our sales team at for more details. All prices are in USD. Blu Homes charges a premium in California to cover additional services and materials costs required by building code in such regions. Base pricing contained herein is subject to change at any time.

b. The total cost of your home will depend upon a number of site-specific factors, including state and local permitting, the extent of landscaping and other site development costs, and foundation requirements based upon slope, soil stability and seismicity. Land costs vary by location and parcel size and are typically paid in cash. Please contact our sales team to discuss a budget for your specific project.

c. For illustrative purposes only; please consult with a bank or lender for actual pricing. This estimate does not include the cost of land and assumes a 30 year fixed loan at 4.25% and a FICO score of 740+ with 20% down, using the calculator on for San Francisco, California 95030. Your loan rates may vary.

d. Origin, Element 37′ and Pods are not sold individually. Pricing is for combinations of two or more modules. 

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Floor Plans

3 Bedroom/ 3 Bath

Blu Homes Lofthouse floorplan 3 bedroom

3 Bedroom/3 Bath Lofthouse Floorplan

3 Bedroom/ 3 Bath + Loftspace

Blu Homes Lofthouse floorplan 3 bedroom

3 Bedroom/3 Bath + Loftspace Lofthouse Floorplan

4 Bedroom/3 Bath

Blu Homes Lofthouse floorplan 4 bedroom

4 Bedroom/3 Bath Lofthouse Floorplan