Developing with Blu

Blu Homes is looking for innovative and progressive real estate developers to build with us. Recently, Blu Homes was mentioned at the ULI Fall Meeting session, If Steve Jobs had been a residential developer. For the complete video clip, click here.

Hear Blu’s mention at the ULI Fall Meeting Innovation Session

Blu Homes, as far as I can tell, is a little bit like the iPod of the home building business. They are building some very cool factory-built product that I think has a pretty bright future. It will be fun to watch those guys and see where it goes.” – Brent Herrington, ULI panelist and President of the Kukui ula Development Company, LLC

Blu’s award-winning designs, streamlined building process and strong marketing support for our developer partners is a winning recipe for getting your homes sold easier and more quickly.

Blu Homes’ real estate developer team can work with you to provide volume pricing and end-to-end project support for your next development. Our quick build times—in as little as 6 months—help your bottom line, too.

Blu works with a variety of developer clients: