3D Models – One of “Blu’s Gurus” Weighs In

Josh Appleman, digital tooling manager and 3D guru at Blu, gives us a look into Blu’s 3D world.

It’s not always easy to decipher what’s in those black and white floorplans that architects so often show to their clients. “What’s that circle thing in the closet?” “That’s your boiler.” “Why is there a boiler in the living room?” “No, that circle is a lamp.” “So circle means either boiler or lamp?” “Well yes… unless it’s a table.”

Fortunately for Blu customers, we supplement drawings with virtual 3D models to make our homes easy to understand, fun to personalize and predictably accurate. We do this because we love our clients, and to be honest, we don’t have another option! Due to the required precision of Blu’s folding steel frames, we design with CATIA, the most state-of-the-art 3D CAD software available. To give you an idea of how fancy schmantzy this program is, it’s also used to model aircraft carriers, cars, fighter jets and space shuttles!

Accuracy matters. A traditional design firm may provide a client with renderings. But you can count on the fact that these representations were generated from a conceptual model and may not match what is eventually built. In contrast, since all Blu Homes are already pre-engineered, a production model is used to output everything from manufacturing instructions to renderings and even furnished 3D homes that look ready to live in! All virtual products portrayed in our homes are created from their specification guides so you can have comfort in the knowledge that your fridge will fit in the cabinets, your doors will be the right size and your windows will come out of the factory exactly as they are positioned on your contract.

For most people, a home will be the largest purchase of their lives, that’s why Blu goes above and beyond to make sure clients have the resources they need to understand the space and all options associated with it. Our 3D models are personalized to show all the different material palettes we offer. It is one thing to see a bunch of material samples strewn across a table, it’s another to see how look adjacent to one another in a photorealistic virtual environment in which one can navigate. As you can see in the video below, comprehending the layout, circulation, scale and proportion becomes effortless when viewing a 3D model. Never before has it been so easy to imagine a lifestyle in something that does not yet exist!


  1. scott chappell

    I just reviewed the site and homes…WOW! Great concepts and looking forward to having one of my own. Super to see modern look and feel -rather then a boring box!