Blu homes embody both tremendous performance and incredible design, utilizing a building process unlike that of traditional homebuilders – a process that produces a better, stronger home.

We use a proprietary steel-frame building envelope, energy efficient systems, and healthy materials.  After the client personalizes their Blu Home with the assistance of our professionally selected design palettes, Blu builds each home in its factory-controlled environment, utilizing quality control methods and lean construction techniques to ensure the integrity and quality of the home.  Factory construction allows Blu to control the cost of construction for its clients, providing a transparent, fixed-price solution in an industry where custom-home building costs often spiral out of control. Additionally, the factory construction process allows the home to be built while the foundation is being site-built, shortening the construction schedule. The result is easy to see: a better quality product and higher overall value for each Blu homeowner.

Blu Homes is a unique homebuilder. We provide a highly controlled building process, mitigating risk for our homeowners and their lenders. We have created relationships with mortgage lenders in several regions to better serve our homebuyers. If you are interested in becoming a preferred lender, please email info@bluhomes.com.