The process of constructing a new home on-site can be challenging. Adverse weather conditions, scheduling conflicts and delays from suppliers can waste time and money, disappointing the homeowner and your other clients.

Using our steel framing process, Blu can engineer homes to suit the heavy snow loads, seismic activity, and high velocity winds of various climates and locations. Blu Homes completes most of the construction in our factory, with on-site finishing time totaling only one to two weeks. We provide builders with drawings to specify foundation work and our quick-connect utility connections make the tie-in simple. We set and finish the home, reducing the labor for the on-site contractor. The result is a custom-engineered, energy-efficient, factory-constructed home.

Our goal is to build relationships with builders and contractors. We work together with our partners to make our clients’ home-building experience as simple as possible. If you would like to work with Blu Homes, please contact us to schedule a tour of our factory or to discuss your next project.