Dennis Michaud | Co-founder and VP of Technology Development


Dennis Michaud is responsible for managing the development of Blu Homes’ designs, as well as its building and information technologies. Before joining Blu Homes, Dennis co-led an MIT research group in the design, technical development, and production of a full-scale “Digitally Fabricated House for New Orleans,” commissioned by and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In addition to his own design practice, Dennis has collaborated on commissioned residential projects in the US and Asia centered on ecologically sustainable and equitable building and development strategies and has helped lead multiple design teams in innovative approaches to new materials, assembly systems, delivery methods, and technologies within the field of architecture. This work has been invited to present at various international design exhibitions, conferences, and publications, including the prestigious Venice Biennale and the eCAADe conference.


Has worked with Habitat for Humanity teaching children how to use technology and make their own toys.


Modernist literature, films, hockey, fishing and nature.

Fun Fact

Once taught a Brownie Scout how to design a toy of her own using digital modeling software and how to fabricate the toy using a robot.


B.A. from Trinity College in 2004 and Masters of Architecture from MIT in 2008.