Blu Homes Fact Sheet

About Blu Homes

Blu Homes designs and builds beautiful green homes, suitable for a wide range of buyers. Breakthrough computer modeling, unique use of steel, and revolutionary folding technology makes Blu’s beautifully designed homes more economical to ship and quicker to set than other modern, green homes.  Blu homes are healthy to live in and better for the environment because they are built with the highest green standards in mind. And bright, open designs allow for spaces that feel larger than they are, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. They are more energy-efficient, quieter, better ventilated, create less waste, and are less destructive to the environment than the average home.


Blu was launched in 2008 by Bill Haney, an experienced environmental entrepreneur, and Maura McCarthy, a venture capitalist with a background in modular housing.


Blu Homes, Inc. is privately owned and operated.


Blu has built homes for people across the North America, including:

Residential Uses

Blu is Green

All Blu homes and buildings are LEED certifiable thanks to energy-efficient appliances, eco-friendly materials like sustainably forested or reclaimed wood and recycled steel, and siting homes to maximize passive systems. Average energy savings of a Blu Home vs. a traditional stick built home can reach 70%. Building in a controlled factory environment also helped Blu to become a zero-landfill construction plant.





Board of Directors

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*As of July 2012